Materials range & rich and varied colors

Our custom-made bookshelves

Create your custom-made bookshelf in a few clicks : choose your starting model in the catalog, and design it exactly as you want it !
Wooden made drawers, full extension
Doors with handles or "push" system

Custom-made and flexible bookshelf

Easy configurable bookshelf

Our custom-made shelves are unique and especially made for you : with a catalog of more than 100 finitions for each element of your furniture, it is easy to find the one you need - of the oak to the white, passing by the anthracite grey, there are infinite possibilities. The backpanel of the bookshelf can be modified : to 3mm, harder (18mm), or without any backpanel, you can create a perfect harmony with your wall and your entire furniture. Add your personal touch with doors, drawers, or shelves of different colors ! Do not hesitate to see our catalog and ask your samples. Feel free to use a starting model if you do not know the furniture you need !

Custom-made storage cabinet

Storage cabinet to create

Readjust our starting models with your objects : 17 cm for the CDs, 24 cm for the books, 30 cm for the vinyls or 33 cm for your comics. Redesign your funiture especially for your objects : to create a bookshelf for your comics, another one for your CDs, with a drawer for your vinyls. And if you want more than a bookshelf, feel free to see our page dedicated to  our page dedicated to living-room furnitures for more exemples of storage furniture. We use a higher quality hardware : full-extension slides, doors with a soft close system or the "push" system without any handle. Our drawers are totally made by wood with full-extension. Any centimeter is lost to optimize your furntiure. Choose the total arrangement of your bookshelf from the bottom to the top : base, flexible or fixed shelves, doors or drawers. Design your bookshelf without any backpanel to create a rooms' separation for your living-room. 

Customer Creation Example

Customer Creation Example

Service client au 03 65 96 01 16

Pour toutes questions ou aide à la configuration, notre équipe d'expert se fera un plaisir de vous répondre et se tient à votre disposition de 9h à 16h30

Customer service on 03 65 96 01 16

For any questions or help with configuration, our team of experts will be happy to answer you. We are at your disposal by email, or directly by phone from 9h to 16h30.

Alors, pourquoi nous ?

Large panel d'aménagement

DessineTonMeuble est le seul site à proposer des aménagements différents à vos besoins, choix des façades, profondeur supérieur...

100% satisfait

Travail sur un configurateur facile à utiliser, et des matériaux durables pour votre meuble.

Créativité 24h/24

Un configurateur en ligne tout le temps, peu importe l'heure de la journée, avec des experts qui vérifient votre configuration.

+ de 90 couleurs de design

Nous proposons des meubles avec un large choix de couleur afin que nos meubles s'adaptent à votre pièce et non l'inverse.
+ de 90 couleurs

So, why us ?

Design possibilites

Aryga is the only one who can offer many possibilites of design, according to your needs : choice of panel, depth...

100% satisfied

Work on an easy-to-use configurator, and durable materials for your furniture.

Creativity 24h

An online configurator all the time, no matter what time of day, with experts checking your configuration.

More than 90 colors of design

We offer furniture with a wide choice of colors so that our furniture adapts to your room and not the other way around.
More than 90 choice of colors

Les + DessineTonMeuble

80 Matériaux et coloris

Plus de 80 couleurs au choix : coloris bois, unis, à vous de choisir
Voir la palette
palette coloris meuble

Aménagement et accessoires

Quincaillerie de haute qualité et des accessoires pour rendre votre meuble unique;
Aménagement et accessoires

Service pour les pros

Professionnel ? Nos engagements en terme de fabrication, paiement et notre garantie 0 défauts.
Je suis professionnel

Aryga features

90 Materials and colors

More than 90 colors to choose: wood colors, solid colors, your choice
See the color palette
palette coloris meuble

Landscaping and accessories

High quality hardware and accessories to make your furniture unique;
Landscaping and accessories

Pro services

Professional? Our complementary services and commitments for professional !
I am a professionnal
367,00 €
Etagères sur mesure
Design now
Custom simple shelf
1 152,00 €
Prix d'étagères sur mesure
Design now
Custom separation shelf
817,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure, réalisation sur mesure, modèle Etene
Design now
Customized bookcase, made to customize, model Etene
872,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure en bois, modèle Straf
Design now
Wooden custom bookcase
1 328,00 €
Bibliothèque destructuré sur mesure
Design now
Bibliothèque destructuré sur mesure
632,00 €
Composer une bibliothèque de séparation
Design now
Separation bookcase
1 196,00 €
Bibliothèque avec des portes
Design now
Bookcase with doors
1 764,00 €
Bibliothèque à configurer
Design now
Bookcase bespoke furniture
2 585,00 €
Bibliotheque sur mesure design
Design now
Bespoke furniture bookcase online
1 897,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure bois coloré
Design now
Colorful wood custom bookcase
2 431,00 €
Structurer un salon
Design now
Customized bookcase for living room
1 229,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure design, en bois et porte blanche, modèle Boisé
Design now
Custom wood design bookcase
1 072,00 €
Meuble de séparation
Design now
Custom-made colorful bookcase
1 670,00 €
Variable height bookshelf
Design now
Variable height bookshelf
954,00 €
Simple bespoke bookshelf
Design now
Simple bespoke bookshelf
1 001,00 €
Structurer un espace
Design now
Bookcase cabinet with fronts
632,00 €
Bibliothèque de séparation
Design now
Separation library
1 869,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure
Design now
Custom-made bookcase
828,00 €
Placard de salle à manger sur mesure
Design now
Dining room bookcase with doors
371,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure
Design now
Custom shelf, small model
440,00 €
Personnaliser des étagères en ligne
Design now
Shelf to customize
549,00 €
Meuble étagère personnalisable à configurer
Design now
Customizable shelf unit to configure
1 252,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure en bois sur mesure, modèle Imaginall
Design now
Large bespoke custom wood bookcase
1 653,00 €
Custom furniture with wood color
Design now
Custom furniture with wood color
382,00 €
Meuble de cloison noir, modèle Quesy
Design now
Black Partition Wall Unit, Quest Model
595,00 €
Grand meuble de séparation sur mesure, modèle Quesy II
Design now
Large custom separation cabinet, Quesy II model
1 377,00 €
Bibliothèque personnalisable
Design now
Customizable shelves with doors
694,00 €
Meuble cloison
Design now
Custom wall cabinet
1 054,00 €
Séparation de pièce
Design now
Shelf with doors
739,00 €
Bibliothèque sur mesure
Design now
White separation shelves