How does it work ?


Design your piece of furniture

Design and make your piece of furniture built  to the millimeter.

Delivered at your home in 6 weeks

We deliver your order directly at your home free of charge, everywhere in France. You arrange an appointment with our carrier for delivery.

Build your furniture

You can easily build it with a screwdriver, we give you assembly instructions pleasant to use and personalized to your own furniture. 

Design to the millimeter, manufacture in 6 weeks

Our concept is simple : propose a custom-made product accessible to all. Our tool allows to create and order your furniture quickly, with a panel of consistent choices. 
Configurator of custom-made furniture totally online
Panels of higher quality (18mm with ABS veneer)
Range of colors : + than 100 available
Quick manufacture in 6 weeks

An exceptional design

DessineTonMeuble allows you to create your custom-made furniture easily with a configurator User Friendly. Enter your dimensions and make slide the elements you wish in your furniture. 

Your project match to the millimeter to the furniture built. We attach a particular importance to show the slightest detail in the display 3D. 

Panels covered by a decoration higher quality melamine
ABS Edgebanding (2mm for the opening)
Digital manufacture "web-to-machine"
Quality control before and after manufacture

Custom-made to the millimeter

Take your measures, enter them in the configurator. The 3D representation of your furniture in the configurator perfectly matches to what will be built, to the millimeter. If you have any doubts for the measures, call us, and send us a picture by email, we will help you. We offer you more than 100 different colors

Easy assembly

An easy assembly of your furniture with basic tools (screwdriver or screwing machine, eventually a little hammer). We give you an electronic assembly instructions in 3D specific to your furniture, step by step, not a simple generic one. Each piece of your furniture is tagged and even its fitting orientation is precised for an easier assembly. 

Quality control guarantee

We ensure that the furniture delivered will match exactly to the configuration that you have validated : sizes, positionioning of the panels, adjustments, our configurator gives you an image perfectly faithful to the furniture as designed. 

We check your configuration before and after manufacture piece by piece. All our furniture have a 5 year guarantee

Easy payment solution

Your furniture's costing is immediatly calculated on our configurator. The payment is up to three times free of charge (for an order from 500€ TTC). The delivery of all our furnitures is free

When paying in three times, we take a first deposit of 40% with order, 40% with shipment, almost 5 weeks after. The remaining amount, corresponding to the balance, is taken 10 days after delivery

You can pay by card, bank transfer or check. 

Your unique furniture 100% custom-made

Dressing, library, kitchen's cupboards, furniture under slope, desk…
Design the furniture of your dreams, we realize it from scratch for you !
How does it work ? 
And what if I am wrong in my design ? 
What is the delivery time ? 
Is it easy to assemble ? 


Create YOUR custom-made furniture to the millimeter

Take your measures, enter them in the configurator. The 3D representation of your furniture in the configurator perfectly matches to what will be built, to the millimeter. 

Manufacture in 6 weeks by a machine with digital cut

Your furniture is manufactured on machine with digital controls, directly programmed from your configuration.

Delivery at your home free of charge

The total period of manufacture and delivery is 6 weeks. The carrier contacts you to arrange the day he will deliver. The delivery is made at the foot of the home/building. 

Assembly instructions specific to your furniture

An easy assembly of your furniture with basic tools. We give you an electronic assembly instructions in 3D, specific to your furniture.

Your idea.
Our expertise in video.

90 Materials and colors

More than 90 colors : color wood, single color, the choice is yours. 
See the range
palette coloris meuble

Arrangement and accessory

High quality hardware and accessories to make your furniture unique.
Arrangement and accessory
charniere meuble mesure

Service for the pros

Professional ? Our commitments in terms of manufacture, payment and zero defect guarantee. 
I am a professional
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Frequently asked question

How is the delivery?

You choose the delivery day with the carrier. Our carrier tries to inform you of its period of passage to the fair but in certain zones it can only indicate you the day of delivery. The delivery is at the foot of the building or the property line, the delivery person will bring you the box where his pallet puller can bring (officially "At the foot of the home" or "limit of ownership"). For delivery in a specific time slot or floor, contact us, we can direct you to a provider who can organize this operation reliably.

What are the shipping costs and delivery times?

Shipping costs are offered everywhere in Europe. You will receive your furniture within an average of 6 weeks after the manufacture of your furniture. Each piece of furniture is unique and passes a strict quality control that may require the re-production of parts of insufficient quality, so it is not possible to guarantee an exact time. In 2017, 80% of our orders were delivered in less than 6 weeks (42 free days) and 100% in less than 50 days.

In which countries do you ship the products on the site?

We ship and deliver everywhere in UK, generally all over Europe with some restrictions. Do not hesitate to contact us for any particular destination. we can deliver at freight forwarders for export.

What is the thickness of the panels of your furniture?

The panels are 18 or 19 mm. The thick panels are 36mm.

Do I have to assemble the furniture myself?

Yes. The furniture Aryga is specially designed to be assembled without assistance and without special knowledge, with a simple screwdriver and a step by step installation instructions, specific to your furniture. Of course, if you're worried about using a screwdriver, you can call on a local furniture fitter or a family member who is more comfortable!

Is assembly is easy ?

The assembly is neither simpler nor more complicated of a kit furniture "classic", A simple screwdriver (or screwdriver) is enough. Possibly a hammer but that's all. Of course, the complexity of editing also depends on the size and complexity of your configuration, but in any case you are accompanied by the detailed 3D manual that guides you step by step. (This is not a completely generic "notice" that simply gives you the main principles)

What are your manufacturing and delivery deadlines? ‍

Our deadlines (manufacturing and delivery) are about 6 weeks. In 2017, 80% of orders were delivered in less than 42 days, and 100% in less than 50 days.

Are the hardware components delivered with the furniture?

All the hardware needed to assemble your furniture is of course delivered with your furniture.

Do you have a place where we can see your furniture?

Not yek in UK, but we're working on it !!

There is an installation instructions ?

An installation instruction specific to your furniture is sent to you before the delivery of your furniture. Each piece is identified and its orientation is clearly indicated in the instructions, the assembly of the hardware is presented most often in the form of video included in the record at the corresponding stage of assembly. This is not a completely generic "notice" that simply gives you the main principles.

What are your guarantees?

We guarantee that the delivered furniture will correspond exactly to the configuration that you have validated on the site: dimensions, positions of the panels, adjustments, our configurator gives you a perfectly faithful 3D image of the piece of furniture as it is manufactured. The furniture itself is guaranteed for a period of 5 years, the hardware store 2 years.

How are your furniture packaged?

Our furniture is delivered in a wooden box, also made to measure to guarantee a delivery without surprise. The crate is of course heavy and difficult to handle, but once opened just extract the boards of your furniture that are grouped into film packages, manipulable to 1 or 2 people.

How to contact you?

By e-mail or by phone (Monday to Friday 9 am-4.30pm):

03 65 96 01 16

I did not find an answer to my question.

You will find the instructions for use of the attached configurator.

For any questions you can not find an answer to, we remain at your disposal on 03 65 96 01 16 Monday to Friday from 9h to 16h30 or by email

Create your first furniture