A family-owned company :
one goal, to satisfy each customer

Our values : satisfaction, sustainability, quality

Picarde company with family shareholding, we sell custom-made furnitures online since 2011. Our job is not about marketing, it is about the design and manufacture of furnitures. Because we have created it from scratch, we control the total process of design and manufacture of our furnitures : the configurator is our technology, we choose components independently, and it is also our software that controls the manufacturing machines. So, we control precisely everything we do, which allows us to offer you a guarantee on what you receive. 

Variety : a thousand possibilities with DessineTonMeuble

If you are looking for custom-made, it is that you want a furniture that matches exactly to what you have imagined : we try to offer a a maximum of possibilities through the configurators - that makes them more difficult to use, but we leave you much freedom than all the others solutions actually on the market. 

Une société familial : un objectif, satisfaire chaque client

Société Picarde à actionnariat familial, nous vendons des meubles sur mesure en ligne depuis 2011. Notre métier n'est pas le marketing, c'est la conception et fabrication de meubles. Parce que nous l'avons créé de A à Z, nous contrôlons la totalité du processus de création et fabrication des meubles : le configurateur est notre technologie, nous choisissons les composants en toute indépendance, et c'est aussi notre logiciel qui pilote les machines de fabrication. Nous contrôlons donc très précisément ce que nous faisons, ce qui nous permet de nous engager sur ce que vous recevez.

Quality: our concern

The quality is a main concern, because a custom-made furniture is always an investment. We make a point to think above all, of the final quality of your furniture, both in terms of support during its design and manufacture - strong attachments, adjustable glides, high quality panels... Until the assembly instructions, that is not a simple generic document but an assembly instructions specific to your furniture, that guides you step by step. 

Competitive price : honest pricing without any overcost

Our prices are honestly calculated in the configurator, we do not increase the margins to offer you exceptionnal discounts by then. And the payment is made in three times : the remaining balance is paid 10 days after delivery.

Satisfaction : our core business

The recommendation of our customers is out best communication tool, and there are many loyal customers that trust us over the years. We always give our best so every customer can be perfectly satisfied with its custom-made furniture.
A proof of this commitment ? After reception of your furniture, you have 10 days to built it and control everything before the payment of the remaining balance. Call us, we are here to answer all your questions if needed. 

Environment : sustainability and longevity

We are working with suppliers who assure that their panels are made with wood sourced from forests certified "well-managed". The strengh of the conception and the quality of the components used allow our furnitures to last a long time, especially not disposable that have to be replace after a few years.
To go further, we are members of the community of companies "1% for the Planet", who engage to give 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organisations. Each year, volonteers from DessineTonMeuble devote their vacations to  "Planète Urgence" missions to help Development Associations. 

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More than 90 colors selectively : colors wood, solids, the choice is yours !
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