The hardware of your bespoke furniture

Quality at all levels

Pants holding device

This pants holding device have 8 steel bars. Its width can be from 540 to 700mm, and it is 530mm of depth and 8mm of height. It is mounted on full extension slides, which allows an optimal use of the product. 

Plinth's cut

Our furniture are available with plinth's cut. You can set your shelf in a way it can conform to the wall and maximize free space thanks to our cuts. 

Sliding shelves

Sliding shelves installed on full extensions slides. Antifall-back panels and configurable antifalls edge. 

Solide clothes bar

Elongated metallic clothes bars chrome-plated 30 mm to mesure. 

Shelves load capacity

Until 40 cm wide : 30 kg, from 40 to 70 : 20 kg, beyond, spread the weight.

Drawer slides

- Standard ball bearing slides with full-extension

- Tandem sildes from Blum, ultra slight slides for an easy use. Those slides are also equipped with the BLUMOTION system for a soft and quiet closing. The adjustment is made without any tool and the assembly is quick. 

Retractable clothes bar

Very useful to optimize your storage space, this retractable chrome clothes bar is easily installable in height. This bar allows to maximize your storage space facilitating the access to the highest niches of your cupboards.


Large range of different handles - we offer you the possibility of only asking the pre-drilling (you install your own handles), or to choose the option "push" without any handle. 

Robust drawers

All wooden drawers on ball bearing slides; 30kg capacity of charge. Full extension until 75 cm deep (55 for the "push" version), partial extension beyond.

ARYGA advantages

Compartmentalized facade or integrated

Facades can be in position "applied" (recovering on the amount) or integrated (doors are framed by the amout and so do not recover them). 

Tagged pieces, easy assembly

The design of custom-made furniture meant to be delivered in kit and settled by people without no experience is our business : those specificities are considered in our processes, that is about ways of assembly, hardware or documentation.

Connection brackets

Optional connection brackets with mask to fix your furniture to the wall. 

Efficient mounting system

Solide and efficient mounting system. Assembly of boards by gudgeons and eccentric streghtened by wooden pins for a better solidity.

Depth unconstrained

The depth of our furniture is obviously also 100% custom-made, until 1000 mm deep.

Delivered in a kit, ready to be assemble

Your furniture is delivered in a kit ready to be set, packaged in a wooden box to travel without any problem. Each piece of furniture is numbered and oriented.

Assemby instructions

Each furniture is accompanied by an electronic assembly guide, presenting in 3D the successives steps of assembly - on each piece of furniture, even the position of the tag is visible to immediatly see which is the right direction !


Edgebanding from 0,6 mm on the structure, 2 mm on the openings, with the optional possibility of veneering behind the piece of furniture. 

18 mm Pannel

Our 18mm panel are designed with high quality ABS and melamine edging. The collection includes both intense and attractive high gloss and solid uni colours, as well as modern woodgrains and fantasy designs resulting in high quality

Free delivery in 6 weeks

We are able to prepare and deliver your furniture in 6 weeks. Our delivery are done on appointment.